Bean Bale Deer Food: Increase Antler Growth of Bucks

Antler growth can be increased in whitetail bucks by feeding Bean Bale, a high protein deer food. Research has found that in addition to micro-nutrients, protein is the most important component of a buck’s diet when it comes to skeletal and antler growth. Growing big bucks mean putting on muscle and body size and that means superior nutrition is a must. When it comes to whitetail deer food protein is a must.

Bean Bale Provides Protein & Fat

There is no doubt that soybeans are an amazing source of protein for whitetail deer. Whitetail smart when it comes to their feeding habits and preferences and 9 times out of 10, deer will walk right through a stand of corn and head straight to the soybeans, whether the soybeans are planted to a food plot or as a cultivated crop. Whitetail love soybeans due to the high amount of protein and fat, which are two very important components of a healthy diet for deer. Lots of nutrition makes soybeans and excellent deer food.

Don Willis, Bean Bale owner, has tested and had very positive results, “While I was hunting the late season in January, I watched several big bucks and good-sized does run straight to my Bean Bale that I had spread throughout my hunting area. I honestly was extremely impressed with how well Bean Bale worked,” Willis said.

Bean Bale for Optimal Deer Nutrition

When it comes to high quality forage, whitetail will seek out and find the most nutritious diet consisting of high protein food sources that are available to them at any given time of the year, whether it is a farmer’s field or a prepared food plot planted with soybeans. This is a major reason why so many deer hunters absolutely love Bean Bale. The Bean Bales come in pre-constructed bale that is easy to distribute around a food plot or hunting area.

When the weather starts to get brutally cold in the late-season, there is nothing more that deer crave than soybeans, ie. Bean bale. Not only do the whitetail deer love them, but soybeans also can survive the harsh cold. Another advantage of Bean Bale is the lower fat levels which helps discourage attraction to hogs, coons, squirrels, and bears.

The natural look and scent of Bean Bale is great for attracting mature bucks, too. The long product life of the Bean Bale lies in how it is naturally preserved. That means no harmful preservatives or chemicals are used in Bean Bale. You can feel good about feeding it to your deer as well as feel good about eating the deer that were eating it.